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Hi, my name is Cord and I am 22 years old. I created this blog for a class I am taking right now called Introduction to Social Media. I am going to be blogging about interesting things I read about in technology news. This could include new gadgets, computers, discoveries, history, what ever really catches my attention that day.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Google Fiber: Wish you would show up faster than your internet speeds

    So Google has finally decided to enter into the ISP (Internet Service Provider) game with their new product, Google Fiber. It will provide streaming faster than any internet speeds available today. Streaming videos with no buffering, now that's already got me sold. Not to mention the integration between your TV, Smart Phone, and Computer all connected with your one Google account. According to PCWorld's Pro's and Con's about Google Fiber (PC World - Google Fiber Pros and Cons), one of the Pro's shows that it will actually wake up current ISP providers and cause them to lower prices and raise up connection speeds.

    With their recent upgrades to the Google+ feature, Hangouts (PC Magazine - Google+ Hangouts Revamped), it will really make the living room TV more social with the option of 9 friends video chat! Again I can't stress this enough, but the speeds will allow for flawless syncing and streaming for video chat (given everyone was up to speed with Google Fiber). This could really push forward the professional and private use of video chatting. The benefits allow people from all over the world to connect at the press of a button. Given this technology is not new, Google Fiber blasts it into hyper speed with no annoying buffering. Personally, I am not on Skype or Facebook video chat because it lags left and right and sometimes just doesn't want to work. If it were as smooth as can be, I would be all for it.

    Think about how much further the world would get with faster speeds. The only issue is, Google Fiber has not been released to the whole world yet. It will take some time to get all their fiber installed around the world. For now though, only Kansas City is fortunate enough to enjoy this fantastic new technology. Once they get all this running, the next thing I need is my car with an integrated computer all connected at 1000 mb/s to a satellite for an unlimited connection wherever I go. What's your take on getting Google Fiber into your town? Is it worth it to allow Google to know just about everything about you? Hopefully it comes soon because I plan on getting it when right away!


  1. It will probably compete with the cable TV companies too and we will have "internet TV" don't you think? I can't wait.

    You might consider embedding your links into the text that describes the destination. It reads better that way and helps the search engines understand why the link is relevant.

  2. I think it is going to change the whole game of the cable TV companies as most of them are ISP's as well (guess I should have made that a little more clear, too :)). The fact that Google has Netflix and YouTube under their belt will allow them to propel forward into the media distribution a lot faster and they will be caught up in no time; then they will be ahead in no time. Also, thanks for your consideration on the links, I will do that for the next time!